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Benefits of Antidepressants in Autism Overstated?

Benefits of Antidepressants in Autism Overstated?.

It’s not often I post something from WebMD. But here it is, ya’ll! Publication bias. Something us ASD families have been talking about for a very long time.

It’s funny because this is a big part of our argument and we get told over and over that it’s simply not true. There is no bias and that if a study is done well, it should be accepted by journal gatekeepers and will find a home in journal. We’re told that the studies we cite were simply poorly done and not up to proper standards.

Yet here it is – they even have a word for it: publication bias.

Having gone the route of SSRIs in our early days, I know this is true. I know that the benefits of antidepressants are severely overstated and the overprescription of such drugs to 3 and 4 year olds is flat out dangerous.

Trust your doctor at your own risk. Healthy living isn’t rocket science. It’s not hard to read the material and learn and decide for yourself if something makes sense to you. There are risks with any medicine and we all take them. We know that some cause liver failure and some cause strokes and so on. But we also know that we take that risk ourselves as adults.

These are our children. They deserve more than lip service. They deserve every parent’s full knowledge of the risks and weighing of the evidence. Decide for yourself if the results are worse than the possible cures.

They turned my son into a psychopath. That was not worth the risk and it took a full 2 months to get him out of that mess and another month to get him back to normal. There is a black box label on these things for a reason.

Is your child so bad off that you need to try? For some, the answer to that question is an emphatic yes. And they’d probably find help there. At least, I hope so.

But for most, the answer is probably no. There are much safer options out there with a better track record.

Whatever you do, DO YOUR RESEARCH.

Do not be a parent that doesn’t have the answers to your own questions. Find them. You don’t need to be a doctor to find out what the pros and cons are of a medication. You don’t need to be a doctor to go to PubMed, to read the research  or even read the insert. Ask questions. Find the answers. Discuss with your doctor, don’t let your doctor simply tell you what to do. Have a real conversation with real questions, real answers and don’t be afraid to tell your doctor no or ask for time to think about it. Understand that doctors are people and they don’t actually know everything. Some doctors prescribe a medication simply because that’s what you’re supposed to do and they really don’t know anything about it. I had one doctor argue with me when I told her I was on oral hydrocortisone simply because she’d never heard of it. She was adamant that no such thing existed. Clearly I’m too stupid to 1.) know my own medication that I’d been taking for a year and 2.) read the damn label.

Don’t be bullied into choices you aren’t ready to make.

People with autism possess greater ability to process information, study suggests

People with autism possess greater ability to process information, study suggests.

I thought this was interesting. Some quotes:

Professor Nilli Lavie, from the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at UCL, hypothesises that this combination of the ability to focus and a susceptibility to distraction might be caused by a higher than normal information processing capacity.


Professor Lavie says: “Our study confirms our hypothesis that people with autism have higher perceptual capacity compared to the typical population. This can only be seen once the task becomes more demanding, with more information to process. In the more challenging task conditions, people with autism are able to perceive significantly more information than the typical adult.”

I wonder, then, how this would also affect those with ADD/HD and if maybe any subtypes would be more akin to autism than not. Distractibility and autism kind of go hand and hand along with hyperfocusing, both of which are also a part of ADD/HD.

As it is, I already believe that the two are too similar to be separate conditions. This just adds to that growing list of reasons why they probably should fall under the same diagnosis, as far as I’m concerned.

But as the article reads, it seems to me that we can extrapolate that ASD children have difficulty processing information because as children, they simply don’t have the higher functioning capabilities (i.e. maturity, age appropriate cognitive skills being too young) as the adults to properly organize that information they receive. Or we could extrapolate that they aren’t being given enough information. I tend to think the latter is probably not correct simply because developmentally, they couldn’t do much with more information anyway but I do think that the prior could be a very real issue. The article does state that while not all ASD children are savants, they are likely to have the same processing ability.

So maybe the processing issues we know ASD children have, stem from a lack of maturity and those processing issues correct as they get older and develop their non-typical skills that help them to process that information the way they do.

Certainly an interesting assertion. Maybe all us parents that are desperately worried about our kids’ processing for no reason (well, no reason might be stretching it but you know what I’m saying).  One thing we do know is that MR is not a symptom of ASD so processing disorders are always on the minds of parents of ASD children.

What do you think this could mean?

MMR II and Autism: Microcompetition the Missing Link?

MMR II and Autism: Microcompetition the Missing Link?.

Fascinating story. I hope there’s more to come on this front.

Sunnyvale mom kills autistic son, self, police say

Sunnyvale mom kills autistic son, self, police say.

So terribly sad. With funding getting cut, I don’t see how this is going to get any better.

BBC News – MMR doctor wins High Court appeal

BBC News – MMR doctor wins High Court appeal.

Chief executive Niall Dickson added: “Today’s ruling does not however reopen the debate about the MMR vaccine and autism.

“As Mr Justice Mitting observed in his judgement, ‘There is now no respectable body of opinion which supports (Dr Wakefield’s) hypothesis, that MMR vaccine and autism/enterocolitis are causally linked’.

Interesting comment considering that by virtue of the ruling just said you’re all a bunch of frakking idiots for revoking his license for something you were never able to prove in the first place.

Good luck with that.

Time to let it go. The poster case against vaccines being ONE possible cause of autism is unraveling pretty damn fast. But it certainly has shown the GMC’s ass to everyone.

Yeah, clearly there’s no agenda here and everyone is just sooooo worried about the dangers of not vaccinating. *rolls eyes* I sincerely hope this makes people wake up and question just what the medical community is trying to hide.

Congratulations, John Walker-Smith. Your career was stained and ruined by a bunch of power-hungry nimrods but at least someone finally listened, even if it did have to be so many years later.

For more information, AoA has some of the details here from JABS.

Brain cell creation may lead to Alzheimer’s and autism cures

Brain cell creation may lead to Alzheimer’s and autism cures | Science updates | — Your State. Your News.

I’ve always found this kind of thing fascinating. While I’m not at all impressed with the never-ending quest for genes (c’mon, there have now been over 40 genes identified; how many genes do we need to identify before we wonder if it’s really genes?) This is the best we’ll get out of the whole gene theory–which just brings it all back to being triggered by the environment, I might add. Gasp! Whodathunk it?

Regeneration, on the other hand, that’s another ball of wax altogether and brings out my Whovian fangirl. This is what science is about. This is what medicine should be about. Real research that produces real results. These are the things that bring us closer to understanding at least the one thing we do know about autism – many of those with ASD have structurally different brains.

Get scientists studying the right things. Metabolism, immune system and brains. Get out of the genes because it’s a dead-end.


Illinois McDonalds kicks autistic child and her service dog out – New Orleans pit bull |

Illinois McDonalds kicks autistic child and her service dog out – New Orleans pit bull |

I guess someone forgot to tell McDonalds that it’s illegal to refuse someone because of a service dog. I hope an attorney steps up, I hope they sue but at the very least, I hope they contact the Department of Human Rights in Illinois and report them.

Fan-freaking-tastic. Really, you’ll love this.

NYT: New autism definition may exclude many – TODAY Health –

“The proposed changes would put an end to the autism epidemic,” said Dr. Fred R. Volkmar, director of the Child Study Center at Yale University School of Medicine and an author of the new analysis. “We would nip it in the bud — think of it that way.”

Yup. Since we can’t make those pesky numbers go down as we continue to add those vaccines (hi flu shot to pregnant women, hello Gardasil!), we’ll just change the criteria and voila! No more ridiculous autism numbers climbing every year! We just knocked it back to 1:5000. Guess there isn’t an epidemic after all.

Or wait, try this one on:

Well, we don’t actually want to put any effort into studying things that actually help those with autism so we’ll just make it harder to diagnose people with it. Those crazy moms and dads out there that actually believe they are recovering their kids, well, they never had autism to begin with. See how that works? They actually had Social Communication Disorder. Yeah, we just made that one up for the new DSM, we thought you might like it. *pats themselves on the back* We wanted to make sure we could pull a lot of people out of the autism group and get those numbers down that way, too. Yanno, since we don’t want to do anything and all. Those of you with Asperger’s, good luck getting reevaluated and getting that autism diagnosis and for those with PDD/NOS…you already knew that was the diagnosis stupid doctors gave when they didn’t want to commit to autism because “he’s just a boy, they talk later” or “she’ll catch up with time” or “it’s just a phase” or “autism is not a good diagnosis, you don’t want that and it’ll keep us from having to give you as many services too. Yeah, you’ll never get that autism diagnosis.

And now we will have a severity scale so we can tell you exactly how impaired you are because you don’t know any better. So what if you can’t shower without being prompted or feel hunger? We’ll make you write notes to yourself and maybe you’ll remember to read them as they hang on the refrigerator of your, oh wait, we also took away your group home so you don’t have a refrigerator or walls in a dorm room to hang those notes. Sorry! We have to take your aide away too! I hope your parents are alive and able to take you in. Maybe you have an aunt or uncle? Distant cousin? Because you don’t get medicare or disability anymore, either.

See? It’s not really an epidemic! Because we just knocked those numbers back down and it’s all good now. No more autism. Because changing the criteria made them all go away. Poof.

And they call us crazy for doing things like giving them a gluten/casein free diet or some other such off the wall wackiness. Good lord, how could they deprive their kids of Wonder Bread?

How much more, exactly, does the AMA, APA and CDC have to do before people realize we aren’t that crazy?

**Don’t be surprised in a couple years when Social Communication Disorder is miraculously 1:90 with no services available.

Low levels of zinc linked with autism in children

via Low levels of zinc linked with autism in children | Mail Online.

Interesting that they say that nothing should be concluded from this. What about concluding that it’s worth testing to see if your asd kid has low zinc? Gasp! What an outrageous thought. How very unseemly to be so forward thinking. You should very well let your children run around with low zinc because low zinc is completely unimportant. As a matter of fact, just stop giving all kids a daily multi-vitamin because we don’t them. Nutrition means nothing. There’s nothing to see here, move along!

Is it really so hard to just say, well, maybe we should look into this? Why is there such a strong need to discredit anything that might support what the crazy autism moms have been saying for decades? Chew on that question for a while.

I think I’m going to start a category of all the stupid shit the media/governments/organizations/etc. say and do to try to prove themselves right while doing their damnedest to make us look bad.

Hypocrites and idiots. Perfect name for it. Look for it on the right.


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