Toxic baby food: is anyone really surprised?

Seriously, I’ll never understand why this is okay?  It’s one thing to get toxins naturally from food – some foods contain toxins – but this is baby food.  BABY FOOD.  We’re not talking about getting amounts of cyanide from eating bamboo shoots because it’s naturally present in bamboo.

These are toxins introduced to our foods – and our babies.  I’ll never understand it.

Arsenic and toxic metals found in baby food

Baby foods used to wean infants off milk have been found to contain “alarming” levels of toxic contaminants including arsenic, lead and cadmium.

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An Investigation of Porphyrinuria in Australian Children with Autism

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1: J Toxicol Environ Health A. 2008;71(20):1349-51.

An investigation of porphyrinuria in Australian children with autism.

Austin DW, Shandley K.
Swinburne Autism Bio-Research Initiative (SABRI), Faculty of Life and Social Sciences, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.

Two recent studies, from France (Nataf et al., 2006) and the United States (Geier & Geier, 2007), identified atypical urinary porphyrin profiles in children with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). These profiles serve as an indirect measure of environmental toxicity generally, and mercury (Hg) toxicity specifically, with the latter being a variable proposed as a causal mechanism of ASD (Bernard et al., 2001; Mutter et al., 2005). To examine whether this phenomenon occurred in a sample of Australian children with ASD, an analysis of urinary porphyrin profiles was conducted. A consistent trend in abnormal porphyrin levels was evidenced when data was compared with those previously reported in the literature. The results are suggestive of environmental toxic exposure impairing heme synthesis. Three independent studies from three continents have now demonstrated that porphyrinuria is concomitant with ASD, and that Hg may be a likely xenobiotic to produce porphyrin profiles of this nature.

PMID: 18704827