Blogger has gone nuts

So whatever craziness is happening, I can’t stop it.  Blogger has been doing some upkeep and it’s affecting all the blogs.

I apologize right now for any weirdness.  I know it sent out posts from several different days in last month as if they were all new.  Sorry guys.  I hope they work it out soon.


Another new look

You might have noticed the new clothes.  I know, it seems like I just got new clothes and yet here we are, changed again.

I really don’t plan to change it up often and I’m sorry if it has been jolting.  You see, this time I had to do it.  Blogger has updated their interface and the old template, which I very much liked, wasn’t working with the new blogger.  I’m saddened by it but I must move on if I want my blog to be readable.  That whole “everything in Georgia italics” thing was a bit hard on the eyes.

Anyway, hope you like the new look!

Gryffin’s Tail Group and links

It was just brought to my attention that some of the study links I had weren’t working.  Those should be fixed and you should not have to request membership into the Gryffin’s Tail Google group to see them anymore.  I’m not sure what happened but a setting got switched.

Gryffin’s Tail Group is not a functioning group.  It is only a place for me to place .pdf files that I want to link to from this blog and you should never have to become a member to view any files.

If you tried to view a .pdf and couldn’t, I apologize and you shouldn’t have that problem anymore.  I hope.