Sunnyvale mom kills autistic son, self, police say

Sunnyvale mom kills autistic son, self, police say.

So terribly sad. With funding getting cut, I don’t see how this is going to get any better.


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  1. aspiepops
    Mar 12, 2012 @ 14:46:10

    People like Jenny McCarthy must feel really great knowing they’ve given so many parents of autistic children false hope. Perhaps it’s time McCarthy admit her son was never autistic instead of cashing in on playing the role of a mother of a “cured” or “recovered” autistic child. Easy to cure something that never was. How many parents has she led astray? How many people have bought her lies and found themselves confused as to why their autistic child didn’t get cures so fast? The truth is McCarthy’s kid, as was said in a Times Magazine report a few years ago, has Landau Kleffner Syndrome, he never had autism. Yet, she’s been promoting her books as if her son had autism. Such a pathetic false portrayal of autism. Just sad and selfish.


    • cheryl
      Mar 12, 2012 @ 15:28:50

      You say she gives parents false hope. I say you give parents a false reality. I suppose you feel just as good about yourself as she does about herself. My son most definitely isn’t false hope, my son is recovered and doing fine, thankyouverymuch. Recovery was happening long before Jenny and it’ll continue happening despite your opinions.

      Since we’re on the subject, joining the “it’s not autism” bandwagon whenever someone recovers is just so cliche and expected. Just like the Polings and Mito disease. Just like so many things. If you’re all so good at diagnosing these things, why not put that skill to good use and start diagnosing kids right. Oh wait, that’s right, because it’s still called autism and only changes if you recover kids. That makes soooo much sense. Diagnosis by recovery. I suppose you think that restores my faith in medicine. No. It just reinforces that the media all say what’s convenient, whatever they can use to argue against us in any way, shape or form. Forget that it always seems to contradict what was said before.

      You can’t cure autism. A mom recovers their child. Well, they must not have had autism.

      Which is it then? Either we’re all crazy – there are plenty of us with recovered kids, or the medical community is just a bunch of idiots. I suppose it’ll always be that way. People want to first call us nuts. Then try to take the credit so they don’t look bad when we recover them and then try to use it against us to still call us crazy. Whatever.

      I don’t see anyone coming to my house to tell me what my son “really” had. I must need to either be famous or in vaccine court for that.

      Believe me, those of us recovering our kids don’t believe it’s autism, either. We generally don’t believe that autism even exists. Our kids have these issues for a reason and it isn’t “autism,” it isn’t a set of symptoms used to diagnose a psychological disorder (Hello? You can’t diagnose autism with anything beyond behavioral symptoms but you can diagnose “autism enterocolitis” as a biologically occurring state in the gut due to autism? It’s freaking diarrhea but no one seems to understand why so many ASD kids are plagued with it. Better than fiction, I tell ya.)

      Most of use believe there is a cause for this behavior. Any parent of an autistic child doing biomed knows about Landau Kleffner. We also know about PANDAS, Lyme, stealth virus theory, HHV6, heavy metal toxicity, mycoplasma and Mitochondrial Disease. We don’t need you to tell us what we already know. We need you to tell the medical community that there are clearly far greater issues than a psychological disorder.

      But no, people like you are too busy trying to vilify people that are … what’s that? Oh right! We’re saying it’s not autism either! *shakes head* Autism is an immune problem. There are so many underlying causes for this behavior and we’re all trying to get answers. Instead of helping fund studies, you call us crazy. But you agree with us when it suits you.

      Who’s sad and selfish?


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