Low levels of zinc linked with autism in children

via Low levels of zinc linked with autism in children | Mail Online.

Interesting that they say that nothing should be concluded from this. What about concluding that it’s worth testing to see if your asd kid has low zinc? Gasp! What an outrageous thought. How very unseemly to be so forward thinking. You should very well let your children run around with low zinc because low zinc is completely unimportant. As a matter of fact, just stop giving all kids a daily multi-vitamin because we don’t them. Nutrition means nothing. There’s nothing to see here, move along!

Is it really so hard to just say, well, maybe we should look into this? Why is there such a strong need to discredit anything that might support what the crazy autism moms have been saying for decades? Chew on that question for a while.

I think I’m going to start a category of all the stupid shit the media/governments/organizations/etc. say and do to try to prove themselves right while doing their damnedest to make us look bad.

Hypocrites and idiots. Perfect name for it. Look for it on the right.



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