Packing up and moving

I’ve decided to take the plunge and move my blog to WordPress. Eventually I will be setting up an actual website with my very own domain name that will house my blog and WordPress is just better for that. And I still get complaints of how blogger is working out. Or rather, not working out, for readers.

What does this mean for you, dear reader? Not much. You can continue to stay right where you are if you are happy with your subscription just the way it is. I will continue to mirror the feed on Blogger because I’m just sweet like that. I don’t want to disrupt anyone’s happy feeling and it isn’t any skin off my back to continue mirroring here. But you may have to deal with seeing shortcodes at the beginning of every post. In order to mirror, I have to email all my posts. I haven’t managed to figure out any other way to do it after extensive googling. (I wonder if I can put them at the end? I’ll have to try a test of that.)

But for those that are unhappy with Blogger or are irritated by the way the page doesn’t seem to load correctly for so many of you, there is an alternative. You can now also find Gryffin’s Tail here. I can’t make it as feature rich because I’m not self-hosting it yet but maybe someday.

This is actually my first test run on seeing how well emailing all my posts work out. Wish me luck! If all goes well, I shall continue on to focusing on plain old blogging and will get the recovery post up as soon as I can.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Adam W. Warner
    Aug 05, 2011 @ 12:31:41

    Thanks for the link to my shortcodes tutorial, most appreciated. Please make sure to visit my main blogging business site at the link in my signature. Hopefully you and your readers will find the tutorials, videos courses, and eBooks there useful:)

    Take care and happy blogging!

    p.s. You should really consider going self hosted WP….it’s a whole new world:)


  2. cheryl
    Aug 05, 2011 @ 12:43:25

    Thank you for posting it! 🙂

    I know, I need to self-host. I have my domain names – I just need to find the host and build the site. If only I could snap my fingers and have it done…

    In answer to my own question: yes! I can put the shortcodes at the end of the post. 🙂


  3. Toni Lombardo Coleman
    Aug 06, 2011 @ 17:49:56

    Yay you’re on wordpress 🙂


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