Biomed book: Food Diary

I have a new page for you to add into your biomed book! Woot woot!

Okay, so maybe it’s not that exciting.

I was asked how to handle food, not just supplements. So here it is:

You can find it here.

Keep in mind that you can modify this easily.  All of my pages were created in Word or Excel because, well, I had no idea I’d be sharing them when I made them.  If I had, I would have made them in Adobe InDesign and they’d be hot pieces of graphic design genius.  Okay, so maybe not genius but they’d definitely be hot.

Since I now don’t have the time or the inclination to create such genius, utilitarian will have to do.

For the technically challenged, if you need more room, just change the page size to legal and then pull the square on the bottom right of the table box and enlarge the table to fit.  Voila, more room.


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