The A.Skate Foundation

I mentioned earlier that I had to reorganize my Twitter and while I was doing a bunch of following for my spiffy new account, I came across this:


Seriously, folks, this is awesome.  I used to skate as a kid, I was never very good as I didn’t put enough effort into it but I had a few tricks.  I followed skating religiously at the time, though.  I won’t go into how long ago that was, let’s just say Tony Hawk was still a kid, too.

Imagine my thrill when I saw this organization.  Squee!  All my dreams for my very own punk rock, skating sons that would make my husband cringe seem not so distant anymore.  How could I have not known about them?

Please check them out.  They offer skating clinics and grants for gear.  You can even get a free helmet.

Free Skate Helmet from the Ian Tilmann Foundation:
click here: 
The core mission of The Ian Tilmann Foundation is brain injury prevention with a focus on skateboarding. We accomplish this mission with the “Helmet for a Promise” program. Our approach is simple and direct. If a skater will promise to wear a helmet when skating, the Foundation will give them one…FREE!

It doesn’t get any better than this for me.  The thought had never even crossed my mind that my son could learn how to skate.  I honestly don’t know if he has any desire to but that doesn’t stop me from getting all squishy and gooey inside that he might like something I was totally into when I was kid.

Kudos to A.Skate!


Been tweeting a bit with @askaters‘ Chrys Worley, one of the founders.  She seems like a great lady and you might want to know a little about her journey with her son, Sasha, which you can find here.

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