Dr. Andrew Wakefield makes a rebuttal to BMJ

This is a man that doesn’t have all the answers.  Guess what?  He has more answers than mainstream medicine will admit.  We know more about autism because of him and others like him and yet, still, they won’t listen.  Still, they choose to defame and discredit them by not actually proving anything.  Just saying it’s not true and telling us vaccines do not cause damage or that there is no evidence is not proof. Name one vaccine that has purposefully been studied to see if there are developmental delays.  Go ahead, give it your best shot.  I will gladly post them.

If mainstream medicine believes it’s all a hoax, how about effectively proving it?  It doesn’t seem like that is such an odd request.  Put your money where your mouth is.  A lot of dollars are spent on a smear campaign when those dollars could be spent on proving it if this issue needs to be put to bed.  Why don’t they do it?  Afraid of what they might find, maybe?  Afraid of what they’ll have to disclose?  His studies have been replicated.  Where are the studies that say otherwise?  Oh wait, they have studies.  Like this one.

The original study never made such sweeping claims as the media would like to suggest.

Anyway, here’s his statement, pulled from AoA.

January 13, 2011


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