More successes!

Never again!

Second, no more diapers!  He has been day trained for years but we have never been able to get rid of the night diapers.  He hated that he wore them, often telling me he’s not a baby, but they were necessary.  We tried several times to just let him go without and every time it was a wet, urine filled disaster. Not so anymore!  He has been diaper free for about three weeks now and has only had 4 accidents.  They seem to be coming on faster as I haven’t chelated since spring break where I chelated the entire week and brought about these wondrous changes.  I intend to return to our regularly scheduled chelation program this weekend and hopefully, we’ll be able to banish the accidents to the fiery inferno of hell to which they belong.

I’ll keep you posted on what happens!

We started AC chelation several months ago and couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Since chelating, we have had two very beautiful successes happen.

My son now eats what we give him.  Yes, sometimes I have to make him and feed him myself but he does it with very little complaint.  This is huge!  I’m sure you can all relate to the dilemma of picky eaters.


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