Delayed vaccine schedule

For those that choose to vaccinate, here is Dr. Stephanie Cave’s delayed vaccine schedule from “What Your Doctor Might Not Tell You About Childhood Vaccinations”


“Educate Before You Vaccinate”

Birth – Hepatitis B (test mother for Hep B – if positive, give vaccine – if
negative, hold until 4-5 years of age)

4 months – Hib, IPV

5 months – DtaP

6 months – Hib, IPV

7 months – DtaP

8 months – Hib

9 months – DTaP

15 months – Measles

17 months – Hib, IPV

18 months – DTaP

21 months – Mumps

27 months – Rubella

2-3 years – Prevnar – 1 dose (Please do your research on this one, there are many adverse reactions reported including death)

4-5 years – Hepatitis B (3 doses – first two 1 month apart, 3rd given 6 months
after first)

4-5 years – Varicella (if blood test for immunity is negative)

4-5 years – DTaP, IPV boosters

4-5 years – Test titers for Measles, Mumps, Rubella. Give only those that test negative for immunity and split out the components 6 months apart if more than one is needed.


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