On vacation!

I’m on vacation for the next few weeks so posts will not be as forthcoming as I’ve been lately. I’ll try to make sure that I continue to post but forgive me if I’m a bit lax. I’ll have a lot to go through when I get home and that’s motivation for me to at least try to get some things posted while I’m away! 😉

We went to Stone Mountain in GA and the boys had a great time! Gryffin found a group of friends to play with after the laser show with their light up swords and it was great to see other kids respond to his requests to be involved. We’ve had one incident already where I had to tell a young lady at the pool that she didn’t have to let him play with his toys but being mean wholly unnecessary. She changed her attitude quick but it’s nice to not have to force the issue. Good kids are always a pleasure to be around and I was so pleased that he found some! Tynan was a bit shy so he didn’t join. He very sadly looked up at daddy and said, “Daddy, will you play with me?” It was so pitiful that it melted the world around us… He’s only 3 so he was a bit afraid of the other kids but he and daddy did get some good playing in!


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