Behavioral Therapies & Other Useful Therapies

The merits of each therapy may be discussed in the future but at this time, I’m just going to give you the information to research since there are so many options. I have a few more “basic” blogs to post and I have limited time to do them so discussion on each isn’t on the table for me right now. I hope that, for now, this is will help you in your research.

CARD What is ABA?
Bright Tots ABA Therapy
TACA How To Start An In-Home Therapy Program For Your Child

Verbal Behavior Analysis This is still ABA but with a focus on language and communication. There is a good, detailed explanation of it that is downloadable in PDF from Coast ABA. I would have added a hyperlink directly to it to view as an html but I’m just not that computer savvy yet.




Cognitive-Developmental Systems Approach

UCSD Explanation
Training Manual

The following are not behavioral therapies but fit in nicely and may also help to alleviate behavioral issues:

The SCERTS Model

An educational model for social communication.

The Hanen Program
A speech and language program.

Michelle Garcia-Winner/Social Thinking
Also a speech and language program centered on social thinking and communication.

Social Stories
Focuses on social learning and understanding.

And now we have some other therapies that aren’t behavioral but can have a great impact on behavior by treating some of the sensory and cognitive processing problems:

Visual Therapy

Auditory Integration Therapy:
Vital Links Therapeutic Listening home program
Tomatis Center based program
Berard Center based program
The Listening Program Home Program
Samonas Home program, click on the blue “Samonas” folder with the colored tabs.

Interactive Metronome




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