Wow, I’ve actually got some comments!

I guess I have to actually start blogging more even though the store isn’t finished. I’ll try to manage my time better since at least 2 people have read my blog! 🙂 Thanks to both for the comments!

I’m going on vacation next week so I may not be able to blog until I return but who knows, maybe I’ll toss some around while I’m there.

I’ve gotten most of the informational blogs started – mostly to remind me of what I’m doing – so I’ll start with finishing those up first when I get back.

The boys are doing great and after 3 years, I finally have kitchen counters in!!!! Yes, folks, no more temporary melamine counters! We poured our own concrete countertops and they came out beautifully. We still aren’t completely finished, though. They still need to be sealed and topcoated and then we need to put the trim and backsplash in but once it’s done, I’ll post pics! I’m very excited, in case you couldn’t tell. 3 years of living with a not so well attached faucet to a temporary countertop that wasn’t made for an undermount sink wasn’t fun.

I’ll be back with some real information on autism soon. Hearing about my countertops isn’t exactly edge of your seat reading, I know.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Anonymous
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 09:14:00

    Gryffin couldn’t have a better mom. And we couldn’t have a better woman on our “team”.Keep up the great work, Cheryl!Hugs to you always,Amy


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